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cash services

Vertex Cash Deposit Centre

The main aim of the cash deposit centre is to reduce high cash volume transactions and customer footfall at bank branches. Vertex utilises the time gap by optimising the turn-around time for processing cash, improving operational efficiency and eliminating overnight holding of cash by customers.

Cash in Transit

With purpose-built vehicles and a customer and fleet communications centre, Vertex Cash Services is a trusted cash in transit provider operating in South Africa. Through our control we ensure that all vehicles and their contents are fully secured whilst in transit, making us a secure and reliable cash services provider.

End-to-End Cash Management

We undertake the end-to-end management of Cash Deposit Accepting machines which includes site identification and preparation, hardware supply, 24/7 monitoring, cash optimisation, reconciliation and helpdesk management. We ensure the consumer is equipped with more choices as the banking hours are extended, bringing self-service terminals to non-branch locations such as airports, hotels, restaurants, convenience stores and shopping malls. Our Smart Cash Deposit Machine offers bulk cash deposit options with increased capacity therefore eliminating the risk of discrepancy and counterfeits. Vertex’s cash handling systems provide reliability and efficiency to minimise theft, optimise processes and save time.

other services

technical services

We provide a wide range of technical services delivered by an experienced team of qualified professionals. Our compliant facility management services include project manage, procure, install, integrate, test and commission security systems, such as CCTV Surveillance Systems, CCTV System Health Monitoring, Anti Bandit Security doors, Security Automation Systems, Safe Automation